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Fuck it

2017-09-04 18:35:07 by Angry-Bee

I've been hung up on trying to make good stuff to the point that I'm not making stuff at all, so fuck it, I'ma start posting.

Now what?

2016-05-12 17:06:59 by Angry-Bee

I just finished my thesis and will be posting it to the portal sometime in the next few weeks, and thats cool and everything, but it means something much cooler.

I will finally be free to make my own cartoons.

I set my sights on being a content creator for NG when I started college but college pretty much ran my life up until this moment. I can now finally get to what I wanted to do in the first place, which is make bite sized internet animations for the website that started it all for me.

To get my feet wet I'll be in this years sketch collab, so keep an eye out for me. See you guys on the portal.

A bunch of stuff happening.

2015-03-18 15:37:04 by Angry-Bee

I've had a busy past few weeks. I upped my game in getting my name out there and got a bunch of local freelance jobs, as well as a steady paying animation job. I never thought I would make it this far in the year after I quit my job lifting boxes in pursuit of my art, but here I am, finally able to pay rent with just my art. Feels incredible.

Also, I just sent an email to Egoraptor in respose to his recent asking for Game Grumps animators. I am really excited and waiting to here back from him. Wish me and anyone else sending their animations to the best of luck.

School is in Session

2014-09-01 10:34:08 by Angry-Bee

So I'm back in school, and that means I'm back to animating for homework. Get ready for an influx of contextless animated shorts that show my technical prowess in several software environments! As boring as all that sounds I will be trying to squeeze every once of fun out of these assignments, and of course you guys will be hit by my semester film by the the end of the year, so keep an eye out!

A New Challenger Approaches!

2014-07-30 03:49:11 by Angry-Bee

Alright. The time has come for me to join the site that made me become and animator in the first place. I have come to take my place next to my idols, animators like Oney, Yotam, Egoraptor, JohnnyUtah, and our lord and savior HappyHarry. Big words from a newcomer, I know, but by Fulp I will gain your affection and perhaps even gain a place with the beloved internet giants whose footprints I now climb through. Wish me luck, but first wish me skill. See you all in the portal.

-Zachariah Bellucci-Rivera